Terms of Service

Misuse of the ReelGigs.com messaging or contact features –> NO Spamming

Users are NOT permitted to use the messaging feature — or any contact information displayed on ReelGigs.com — to promote a company or service; to request work from a user that they don’t personally know; or to engage in any kind of unsolicited contact that results in the recipient of that message complaining of being spammed. Anyone who engages in this manner of activity on ReelGigs.com is subject to having his or her account deactivated.

Also, any user sending messages that defame, insult, or lack professional decorum to the discretion of the ReelGigs.com administrators are subject to having his or her account deactivated and would not be subject for a refund.

Entering False or Misleading Credits

If you worked on multiple episodes of a single season of a show, you may not list each episode as a separate credit; you must create one credit for the entire season. Furthermore, any attempt to manipulate the match meter by adding fictitious credits or otherwise misrepresenting your experience for the purpose of increasing your match meter rating is prohibited; the offending credits are subject to removal and the user’s account is subject to suspension or deletion.

One Profile per Person

Everyone using ReelGigs.com to create a personal Profile may only have ONE account/Profile associated with their Name. Duplicate Profiles will be deleted or merged.

Account De-Activation and/or Removal of Content

We reserve the right to edit or remove any content on our site at our sole discretion, and to deactivate any user account at our sole discretion.

The use of automated systems (robots, spiders, or any other data-mining or similar data-gathering and extraction tools) to access, acquire, or download information on the Site is expressly prohibited where such systems are employed in connection with commercial objectives (other than indexing for search engines), or in a fashion that directly or indirectly violates any privacy interests.

Jobs will only be posted for actual open positions with specific start dates. We do not post “roster” jobs. The use of ReelGigs.com ‘s job posting, search, messaging, and other features for the purpose of building their own rosters or databases outside of the ReelGigs.com platform is prohibited. Directing users to third-party URLs in order to apply to a job or to submit a resume or contact information is prohibited.