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I have enclosed my portfolio at for your review and consideration.

You will see most of my experience under my portfolio, but here is a little bit more about me; I was born in Colombia, move to New York at age 7, I am both fluent in Spanish and English.  I am 28 years old, I started working in television by the age of 14 volunteering at a Christian channel for High School credits, I instantly became passionate about it and decided to go to film school. 

I began professionally editing 6 years ago, started with freelance projects until I was hired at CAMM Production to come on-board as an editor, eventually I started directing some of the content that was being put out for Nautica Pro TV, an affiliate to CAMM Production dealing with ocean sports such as, spearfishing, boat fishing for survival, and free diving.

My latest professional job was at Motorsport Network, I was an Associate Producer helping produce and edit all the content related to Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar, and WEC. We even had in-house content that I solely produced and edited to completion, MyEV, Motorsport Report, live US race coverage, and race car driver interviews

In July 2019 the company decided to close their production house in the US and work solely with the team in the UK, Formula 1 is the main content bringing clients into the website, they decided to close their doors and lay-off all of the production staff in the US, including me. 

Since August of last year, I started solely freelancing for clients around the country, I opened an office in the city of Coral Gables, where I set up my own edit bay station. Editing content such as educational videos for a multitude of Universities around the country, short documentaries, interviews, and sizzle reels. I even produce videos for companies locally, telling their back-stories and showing product demos for advertisement in social media platforms. 

I already have all the resources you are looking for, I have a system of operations and work out of my personal office space (Edit Bay) with all the tools to have video meetings and carry full-on professional work environment if necessary. 

System of operation: 

I operate through a MAC Pro, 32gbs RAM with a LaCie Raid 16tbs for backing up projects and files.

I edit through Premiere Pro and have plenty of knowledge in After Effects, as well as all other Adobe CC softwares. 

I hope I answered some of your anticipated questions and look forward to hearing from you in the near future. 

Thank you for your attention,

Tania Torrez 

Basic Info

  • Signup Date*05/11/2020
  • Union Affiliations*Non-Union

My Skills

Editor - Adobe Premiere


  • - May 5th, 2018
    Miami Dade College



My Certifications

  • Adobe Certified Associate in Digital Video Using Adobe Premiere Pro