Candidate Detail

I have been a specialty camera operator for over 8 years.  I'm well versed in robotic cameras, broadcast cameras, Jibs, car cranes much more.   I love learning new technologies and the challenges the bring  and overcoming them so I may  deliver a top notch product to the client.  I am also well versed in many field in the production industry such as  V1, V2, A2, Assistant Engineer.

Basic Info

  • Signup Date*04/02/2020
  • Union Affiliations*Both

My Skills

Camera Operator
Specialty Cameras - Robotic Operator
Camera Operator - Hand Held
Camera Operator - Augmented Realty
Camera Operator - Engineer
RF Handheld Camera Operator
Video Lead
Specialty Cameras - Dolly / Crane Operator
Specialty Cameras - PTZ
Virtual Reality
Video Tech - V2
Video Lead
Camera Operator - Long Lens


  • Associates in Business


  • February 2014 - Currently Working
    Specialty Camera Operator
    Jib Tek
    I am well versed in operating and engineering many types of specialty camera systems such as robotics, Jibs, camera car cranes, dollys, rail cameras, and cable cameras.